Monday, December 9, 2013

Some people confuse me

If you are a shoplifter and that's just your hobby. Please don't involve your children. So this lady went to walmart and shoplifted 86$ worth of goods leaving her two year old and three year old in Walmart.
 if you would like to know more about this story, here is the article :

bEYOND THE CLASS:This weekend

I went to see a play this past weekend at Prince George High School. A friend of mine invited me. I enjoyed it. It was pretty much like the original. I disliked the fact that I was sitting next to a man that kept coughing the entire time. I truly did not understand some people. If you are sick please stay home because other might get sick because of you!!!

So now I have a slight cough hopefully it doesn't get any worse. The play was peter pan, which is one of my favorite Disney movies of all time.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Slammed to Death

      Last night, I was watching Nancy Grace. The headline at the bottom of the screen read "FOSTER MOTHER SLAMMED CHILD TO DEATH". Apparently , this could had  been avoided if "Texas Mentor" ( the name of the foster agency) would have did background checks like they were suppose too.
The biological parents both lost custody because the mother had frequent seizures and the baby fell a lot to that and the dad who is in the relationship with the woman smoked pot so they took their child away when she was 2 years of age. The biological parents were 4 months from getting the child back til they heard this devastating news yesterday.

    Once again, I can't comprehend how a parent could get mad at a 2 year old and harm them. This makes me so angry. I'm tired of hearing these devastating stories about these little children. It really trips me out how a woman or any human being could harm a innocence child.

If you would like to get more info about the incident here's the website for the article:

Monday, November 11, 2013

Excuses Are No longer Needed

    I can't stand it when people stay saying "I'm trying". I feel like at a certain point in your life there comes a time in your life where you no longer at the "I'm Trying Stage". You should be at the "I'm doing It Stage". I was always taught that action speaks better than words themselves. I really can't deal. They way some people think really blows my mind. I get when some people are trying and their "Trying Method" is turning into "Progression". I wish some people just took certain things in life more serious.

   For example, I know this young boy that has a child ,but he feels by being there is seeing this child on the weekends and by buying the child stuff. The sad part about this guy's situation is he just about sees his child 4 1/2 days out of a whole month. He has a schedule where he can come by during the week to see his child. I really feel for my friend who is dealing with this boy (suppose to be man). I hope for the child's sake he grows up and does his responsibilities!!!

  I truly don't understand men who put themselves in a position to have a child ,but not take or do the full responsibilities of caring for that child. That is the point I'm trying to make about at a certain point there should no longer be a "I'm Trying Stage". There should be a "I'm Doing It Stage" , ("It"-meaning responsibilities) Someday some folks will learn.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


    Its was Saturday night and I was on the phone talking to my friend and I was channel surfing looking for something good to watch. I turned to CNN and the headline read:"FATHER DRUGS 4 YEAR OLD WITH HEROIN". I told my friend whom I was on the phone with to turn to CNN as well. I told my mom mother"Come look at this ma." She just sat next to me and watched for a little bit. What bothered me the most was the father's reason. Apparently, the father was suppose to watch his son while the mother had a job interview to go to. Also, on this same day their divorce was suppose to be finalized.

  So the mother called the father to tell him she was about to come pick up her son , but he didn't answer the phone. So I assume after she called more than once without an answer she went to his house to go get her son. She went into the bedroom and found her son and his father (what it appeared to look like) they were sleeping. She tried to wake them up ,but they didn't wake. She pulled the covers back and discovered her son had a syringe in his neck and the father was unconscious.

   This is my thing about this whole crazy situation. She didn't have no clue at all that her soon to be EX-HUSBAND was a heroin addict!??!! Like for one if I was her he would've never let him babysit the child. And he's a 4 year old boy like so you mad she no longer want the marriage so you're going to hurt her,you and your child even more by drugging him. They said that her drugged him in the behind and neck. Good thing the little baby survived. 

  So the dad after he wakes up from whatever state he was in and comes to his conscious mind and go to court he has the nerve to plead not guilty! He says he doesn't remember anything! I really feel sympathetic for this child. This story makes me so angry and want to fight. All I can do is pray and continue to pray ,but THIS MADNESS HAS TO CEASE!!! People have to stop taking whatever personal issues with others or whomever or with themselves out on these innocent children. IT'S NOT OKAY. GOD DOESN'T APPROVE!! 

If you're even more interested with this story you are welcome to read on this story at this link below:

Monday, October 7, 2013

2 Wrongs

See, I always find myself watching GMA News in the morning before my 9am English class. I happened to see last week this headline that reads"Women Sues Lasalle County after Strip Search" First, off if I was charged with a DUI and striped after the arrest. Please know that my family and myself would go ballistic. Like I would lose my mind. I hope for those men and  one woman in the video I seen do get fired from working as any enforcement offices. Justice I hope will be served ,but with the ways of this world that I'm sure is very unlikely.

Here's the link for the video:

Friday, September 27, 2013

You Never Know Who's Watching You

How would you feel if someone you went to high school with hacked into your PC and was taking nude pics of you while you dressed and undressed? Would you go to the police or would you allow that person to manipulate you into keeping quiet? Personally, I couldn't allow someone to do that to me. I was watching Good Morning America this morning and there was a story that really caught my attention. Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf was the young female who wasn't going to allow this creep to manipulate her. She said" I received a anonymous email from an anonymous person [who] basically was extorting me and blackmailing me. I saw that he had attached nude photos of me that he had taken in my bedroom".

So the turn to the story was she wasn't his only victim there were about 30-40 web cams he hacked into besides hers. His family apologized and his attorneys stated "he has mental health issues". He was recently let out on 50,000 bail. He's only allowed to go to church,school,and any doctor's appointments he has. If it was up to me I would've never let this perv loose. He pretty much was getting his crap off by violating young women's privacy. Cassidy stated" I know some of the girls who were involved in the case didn't have the opportunity to talk to law enforcement and get to help," she said,"so it makes me feel really good that I was able to help them out,as well as other people who could be going through the same thing". 

She's a brave young women and I commend her standing up for herself and going to the police because If his folks knew he had mental health issues prior to this, they should've been got him the help he needed. He's a word I am not going to type in this blog. This story made me aware of cutting my laptop completely off after it's no longer being used cause I would've never thought a creep would do that. I can't help, but shake my head at the the ways of many in this world today!!!